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- According to the DVSA, most people have had about 47 hours of professional driving tuition plus 20 hour of private practice before they pass their practical driving test. This is just an average but everyone learns at a different pace.
- Clearly, it’s important to get plenty of practice before taking your practical driving test.
-Your instructor will tell you exactly what the examiner will be looking out for and what your strengths and weaknesses. are.
You must usually have passed your theory test before booking.

You’ll need your:
- Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence number 
- credit or debit card 
You don’t need your driving instructor’s personal reference number but, if you have it, you can use it to check their availability.
DVSA test fee:                
- £62*   (For evenings and weekends will be £75*).
- You can book your Practical Test here (Click for link).
                                                                          *Prices Correct As At August 2015.
- If you require us to book it for you for standard booking will be test fee plus £10 admin charge.


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